How The Human Body Breaks Down Gluten

This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Matan Shelomi. Firstly, all humans can digest gluten. All. Anything we cannot metabolize, such as cellulose (also known as dietary fiber, a very important part of your diet!) passes through us and gets pooped out. Cellulose is found in all plant cells: if we only ate things we… Read more

Celiac Disease: The Diagnosis and the Drama

If you’re suffering through stomach pains and digestive problems every day, you are not alone. Thousands of people live with digestive problems in the United States, and few feel comfortable enough to tell their doctors. Despite the discomfort, you should seek help in diagnosing the underlying cause. You could be suffering from celiac disease. The basics.… Read more

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What Happened When I Tried Making Carb-Free ‘Cloud Bread’

“Cloud bread” is the hot health food trend of the moment; its legion of new fans are speaking on the benefits of this carb-free, gluten-free bread alternative. While the dish may have a cool name, is it really as healthy and easy to make as everyone says? I recently tried out the recipe for myself, and… Read more

Late-Night Sweet Tooth Approaching Finals

A sprinkle of lemon-marinated poppy seeds for garnish, a pinch of salt for taste, and a drizzle of buttery vanilla pasty glaze just for kicks. When open, the smell of vanilla extract with a hint of dark chocolate and melted butter lingers through every nook and cranny of the Cookie Connect’s 650 square foot shop. One… Read more

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19 Coconut Desserts to Go Crazy For

Coconut cake? Coconut ice cream? We’re loco for coco Beneath the hard shell of the coconut lies a refreshing nectar and rich meat well worth the trouble of cracking it open. Skip the canned stuff and make your own coconut milk from freshly grated coconut meat. Pro tip: Use the tools you already have in your… Read more

Gluten-Free Products Market Size Worth $33.05 Billion by 2025: Grand View Research, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The global gluten-free products market is expected to reach USD 33.05 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period mainly on account of the rising incidences of celiac disease, diabetes as well… Read more

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Our Absolute Best Gluten-Free Desserts

No gluten, no problem—these gluten-free substitutes and naturally gluten-free sweets are here for everyone Whether you suffer from a gluten allergy or have given up the stuff for health reasons, rest assured that you can still enjoy delicious, show-stopping dessert recipes. And the sweets-loving world agrees: our best naturally gluten-free desserts run the gamut from a… Read more

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You Shouldn’t Go Gluten-Free Unless You Have To: Study

Here’s one reason to decide against needlessly adopting a gluten-free diet: doughnuts. Here’s another: It could put you at increased risk of heart disease. A study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed BMJ (British Medical Journal) found that people who avoid eating gluten as a matter of choice, not because of a condition like celiac disease, aren’t… Read more

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Gluten-Free Diet Tips For Those With Celiac

Since there’s no cure for celiac disease, it’s vital for people with the disorder to manage their symptoms the best they can. This means paying close attention to their diet and avoiding gluten. While it might sound easy to avoid common sources of gluten, like breads and pastas, it often appears in unexpected foods such as… Read more

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Are Gluten-Free Foods Misleading You?

There seems to be a gluten-free version of everything, from cereal to pizza, flour and beyond. But, are these products healthier than their gluten-containing counterparts? No, according to a new study, which claims these products may even be misleading consumers. In the study, researchers assessed hundreds of gluten-free foods and compared their nutritional content to their… Read more

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