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Author about gluten free kidMy niece Lucy is 10 and she is a Gluten Free Kid. She was only diagnosed late last year through a blood sample. My Dad quickly received a phone call from my slightly alarmed brother asking if there was a gluten free intolerance that existed in our family? There was none. Neither was there any suggestion of an intolerance to gluten on my sister-in-law’s side.

Maybe Lucy had just lucked out as the gluten free kid out of her other 3 siblings. And this was just the way it was going to be for her.

My brother was a combination of alarmed and thankful when his daughter was diagnosed. A bit alarmed as it meant Luc was going to have to be mindful and careful of what she would need to eat for probably the rest of her life, and thankful as it was a likely cause, or at least part cause, to Luc’s really moody behaviour and complete outbursts.

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So being a gluten free kid is different to being an adult and gluten free. As a kid you rely, or pretty well much rely, on adults to meet your daily food needs and preparation of foods. It can also get confusing when you are invited out to birthday parties, Luc recently went to one and ate gluten containing foods. This was all new to her and when later asked about it, on the way home, she simply said, ‘I forgot’. Luc is slowly learning about the foods that she can and cannot eat. The understanding will get easier for her as she grows older, but the ‘why’ probably won’t. She now has her own toaster and labelled foods in the kitchen.


It’s pretty rough sometimes for these kids so I’m hoping you can get some good tips here on and certainly check out our free e-book here!


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